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Construction Solutions

With experience in the design, building, and the legal aspects of construction work, we are available to help offer solutions for your all of your construction problems. 

Consulting Services

Home Efficiency and Design

For those interested in sustainable building, off-grid building, non toxic building materials, energy efficiency, and wildfire resistant home and property design.

Expert Witness

For those who need assistance with achieving fair outcomes in legal construction conflicts, our founder has a degree in Building Contruction, a Juris Doctor of Law, and is a Certified Mediator.

General Construction Issues

We love solving complex or tricky construction problems that have your project stalled, or that you cannot find anyone to do. 


Our founder has a degree in both law, and construction, has worked for several multinational construction companies, and has many thousands of hours of hands on construction experience. He has experience dealing with permitting issues, has advised lawyers about construction defects and costs of damages, and has testified as an expert witness in a jury trial.

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